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w a k i n g u p media

       awakening hearts and minds


Patrick Cheh has served as co-founder and CEO of Interlight Pictures, one of Hollywood’s leading independent film production and international distribution companies. While at Interlight Pictures, 1994 - 2001, Patrick financed and produced eleven independent feature films, with total budget of approximately $100 million dollars, which have been successfully distributed throughout the world.  One of eleven films, The Watcher starring Keanu Reeves, went on to become number one at the U.S. box office for two consecutive weeks.  The film grossed over $75 million in theatrical and video in the States.  


Interlight’s eleven productions have since garnered over $20 million in profits. In financing eleven independent films with combined budget of approximately $100 million dollars, Patrick has acquired intimate knowledge in the arena of independent film financing.  This includes detailed knowledge of the requirements that need to be met with the financial lending institutions, completion bond companies, and the international and domestic distributors.  It also includes being aware of the different methods of financing available as well as having the knowledge and the relationships to access and utilize the available financing structures and programs. 


Before founding Interlight, Patrick co-founded and co-headed FilmCircle.  FilmCircle, started in 1989, specialized in acquisition of distribution rights of U.S. films as well as European films for the territory of South Korea.  While co-heading FilmCircle, Patrick acquired over 100 films for the distribution in Korea.  While at FilmCircle, Patrick started CineKorea in 1992, a company focused in theatrical exhibition of Korean films in the United States.  During a period of one year, Patrick successfully acquired and theatrically distributed twelve Korean films in Los Angeles.  


Before FilmCircle, Patrick was a consultant at Oracle, a leading software database company in the World.  


Patrick graduated from Columbia University in 1987 with a B.S. in computer science.


In 2008, Patrick established Wakingup Media with the intention of providing quality, entertaining films that awaken our hearts and minds; films that question and explore the nature of our reality; films that touch the depth of our soul, the spiritual essence of our being. Films that wake us up!

Patrick lives in Los Angeles with his wife Jennifer and two sons, Nicholas and Adrian.

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