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I AM THE KING - Jun is a timid 13 year old boy who's heart literally beats differently than the rest. Ever since Jun was a baby, his single mom always told him a science fiction bedtime story of epic proportion of how Jun is a prince from another planet and that one day he will come to appreciate his special heartbeat. Still, Jun is ashamed and even fearful of his weird heartbeat. Jun is the school bullies' favorite pastime, but time and time again Jun is saved by Sue, who stands up for Jun against the bullies. Sue is Jun's secret love, yet Jun can never muster up enough courage even to say hello. One day, Jun witnesses Sue being harassed by the bullies. Jun doesn't know what to do; he wants to help Sue, but he's too scared. His heart is pounding harder and louder than ever before and is about to explode … when suddenly, all other sounds are completely drowned out … and Jun's thunderous heartbeat awakens something within him… 


But it also awakens other cosmic life forces, and life is never the same again for Jun as his mom's sci-fi bedtime story of epic proportion actually becomes a reality.


I am the King is a family cosmic adventure involving coolest robots, good/bad aliens, far off galaxies ... and most of all, the hearts of all involved.


Concept Trailer created by 4th Creative Party   Executive Produced by: Kay Hwang, Eric Yoo  Produced by: Moonsaeng Kim, Jeonhyung Lee   Written and Directed by: Joong Kim

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