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Little Soul and the Sun

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LS Intro

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Welcome to the incredible world of author, Neale Donald Walsch's "The Little Soul and the Sun."


When a young boy encounters a bully at school, it forces him to ponder why bad things happen to good people and what forgiving is really about. And when his mother tells him the story of a little soul who asks the very same question of God, a fantastic fable unfolds which holds true meaning for all of us, whether we're young or simply young at heart.


"This program is perfect for youngsters age 4 to 5 ... all the way up through 95..." - Neale Donald Walsch


Neale Donald Walsch, author of best seller "Conversation with God" series, is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways.

"I love it !!" - Maya


"Neale does it again!" nicely done! My 4-year-old loves it! Neal's voice is a wonderful unexpected bonus to the magnificent storyline..." - Jen C

"I am a huge fan of Neale's work, and was pleased to see this film available for younger audiences with Neale's fantastic teachings about physical and spiritual life. The film can easily be appreciated by the young and old, as there are many important messages in it that all of us could use some reminding about on a regular basis. There is also a section outside of the animation from Neale himself directed specifically to adults about some of the topics covered.

Whether the film portrays all of the "right" messages, or animations will be very dependent on each person's philosophies about various topics that deal with life, death and the spiritual side of things. There are many ways to approach the same situation, and not one of us can ever judge what is right or wrong to do for another. What can be guaranteed about this film, is that it presents several important themes that can provide for great family dialogues where the parents can provide their personal input and along with the children come up with ideas and solutions to similar situations in their lives that would be most in alignment with their personal beliefs.

Overall, a great film that provides an animation for youngsters with some messages about the bigger picture of life in a cute, colorful and fun way." - Evita 

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