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Our Story 1
Our Story

Wakingup Media is dedicated to providing filmed entertainment that awaken hearts and minds; that question and explore the nature of reality; that touch the depth of our soul, the spiritual essence of our being; that wake us up from the limited to the unlimited...awakening us to humanity’s original nature. 

Our Team

Our passionate team consists of individuals like you and me who deeply care about the well-being of all life on this planet, including the planet itself. For each project that we consciously choose, we combine our individual expertise and passion to create a highly entertaining, meaningful, and awakening experience for our audience.

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Patrick Daihui Cheh
Founder & CEO

I began my foray into Hollywood in 1989 as a film acquisition person and began my producing career in 1994. The thirteen films I produced are as diverse as "The Watcher", starring Keanu Reeves (#1 box office) and “Crossing”, South Korea’s official entry in the 2008 Academy Awards Best Foreign Film category. Crossing was called "Schindler's List of North Korea" by Wall Street Journal, and was the winner of  2008 Hollywood Film Festival's Best Picture. I thought I was moving up in Hollywood. But my Hollywood dream quickly came tumbling down and I lost everything that I thought mattered to me at that time. 

Then, unbeknownst to me, the next chapter of my life unfolded. I started reading voraciously both western and eastern spiritual books. I started yoga and meditation. Then my lifestyle slowly began to change. I became very conscious of what I put into my body and mind. After 18 years of daily practice of yoga and meditation and nature centered lifestyle, there's a stable presence of mental clarity, emotional balance, physical health and exuberance of energy.


The transformation continues as I seek, learn, experience, and share how we can blossom to our fullest potential, to become an all inclusive and exuberant life, and to rediscover and re-member our whole authentic self.  


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When a young boy encounters a bully at school, it forces him to ponder why bad things happen to good people and what forgiving is really about. And when his mother tells him the story of a little soul who asks the very same question of God, a fantastic fable unfolds which holds the true meaning for all of us, whether we're young or simply young-at-heart.

-Neale Donald Walsh

Little Soul and the Sun

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Completed Projects

Crossing is a 2008 South Korean film directed by Kim Tae-kyun. It was selected as South Korea's submission to the 81st Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. The film follows the journey of a North Korean man as he illegally leaves the country to find medicine for his sick wife, portraying the many hardships of the average North Korean citizen.


Upcoming Projects



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From the iconic author, James Mahu, comes a spectacular and magical world of WingMakers.

James Mahu is the anonymous and visionary creator of five websites, six novels, a large collection of philosophical discourses, a dozen papers on spiritual practices, poetry, short stories, visual artwork, and nearly a hundred music compositions. His first published creation  was, which established James as a multidimensional storyteller who is focused on sharing deep, original perspectives to the conversations of spirituality, cosmology, extraterrestrial life, myth and the importance of the heart in ones personal missions. 


"I am a multidimensional being who lives simultaneously in a spectrum of realities. My dominant reality is different than yours. Because of this difference, I am able to process this human reality at a different frequency rate, which enables me to perceive behind and beyond the three dimensional "surface” of this reality.  As a result of this ability, I am able to translate art, music, poetry, philosophy, and scientific insights that are from my dominant reality into yours. In so doing, I have translated sensory data that will catalyze future discoveries that will redefine the human soul.”


Adaptation of WingMakers books presents an extraordinary opportunity for a wildy popular and meaningful film/television franchise in the vein of Star Wars , Lord of the Rings, and the Matrix.



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Glow is an animated fantasy adventure about a selfish young orphan who harbors a long-suppressed power, which is awakened within him when he accepts love within his heart -- enabling him to bring his divided world together, at last.

Teenage AION is dead set on being no one's hero but his own. An orphan who grew up in a loveless state orphanage, Aion lives by his quick wits, surviving in the cracks of the city, never opening his heart for fear of being left vulnerable. All that is about to change thanks to a chance collision with outspoken, rebellious, and nature loving girl named SABINA – an event that begins to unlock something magical - Aion’s heart begins to glow. 

Aion's glow doesn't go unnoticed by Queen IMEMINE of MEEDYING, who promises Aion the wealth and recognition he’s always desired. All Aion has to do is locate an ultimate energy source/weapon called AYA  in the mystical land called ZAMONA -- before the JINGOOs, the keepers of Zamona, uses it to destroy them. 

Aion's journey into the mystical land of ZAMONA proves to be a path of confusion. It leads Aion to choose between the wealth and recognition he's always dreamt of and his heart from which the unfamiliar feeling of love is becoming more and more undeniable. 

Aion’s journey culminates in an epic battle, both within and without, where he discovers that bringing balance to himself and to the world begins with rekindling his own heart and letting it GLOW.

The Lost and Forgotten Children

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This feature film and television series are in long overdue recognition and in honor of the American servicemen and women who, during the Korean War (1950 - 1953), rendered extraordinary and compassionate humanitarian aid to the lost and forgotten children of the war torn nation. 

"It is estimated that US forces in Korea saved the lives of over 10,000 children and helped sustain over 50,000 in more than 400 orphanages built or repaired by the servicemen. With an income averaging less than $100 a month they contributed over two million dollars in those war years. They called for help from family, neighbors and friends back home which resulted in the shipment to Korea of thousands of tons of material aid such as toys, tools, medicines, food, clothing and other items for the children and their care givers.”


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Through Sadhguru, a fully realized mystic and a yogi who has touched and transformed million of people around the world through his Inner Engineering Programs and his many social outreach programs, LIFE,  a ten part documentary series with Sadhguru, will guide us through the true nature of who we are, what life is really about,  and how we can blossom to our full potential. Never before has there been a more definitive, clear and direct answers to the mysteries of life: Who are we? Where did we come from? What happens after death? How can we be stress free and be happy, peaceful, joyous? And many more.


Upgrading your Body, Mind, and Energy

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Meditation by the Sea
Meditation by the Sea

Today, we have created our world in such a way that no other generation could’ve imagined such comfort and convenience. We have managed, through technology, to engineer the outside world the way we want it.

​But at what cost? In pursuit of happiness, we go on destroying every other life form on the planet, including the planet itself. But if destroying half the planet gave us happiness and peacefulness, maybe it’s all worth it.​ But has it? Our generation might be enjoying the most comfort and convenience of all generations but can we say our generation is the most loving, most joyful, or most peaceful generation? ​​​​​​​​​


Just as we've engineered the outside world and upgraded our standard of living, isn't it time we look at how we can engineer our interior and upgrade our humanity?

BLOSSOM, a limited documentary series, is based on Sadhguru’s words and wisdom on how we can blossom to our fullest potential by upgrading and transforming our body, mind, and energy. BLOSSOM will have interviews with celebrities on how yoga and meditation has impacted their work and their lives. It will also track throughout the documentary the progress and transformation (if any) of 3 celebrities after they’ve taken 3 different types of meditative programs for a period of approximately 12 months. We’ll also show scientific experiments on how yoga and meditation impacts our physiology and psychology.

I am the King

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Jun is a timid 13 year old boy who's heart literally beats differently than the rest. Ever since Jun was a baby, his single mom always told him a science fiction bedtime story of epic proportion of how Jun is a prince from another planet and that one day he will come to appreciate his special heartbeat. Still, Jun is ashamed and even fearful of his weird heartbeat. Jun is the school bullies' favorite pastime, but time and time again Jun is saved by Sue, who stands up for Jun against the bullies. Sue is Jun's secret love, yet Jun can never muster up enough courage even to say hello. One day, Jun witnesses Sue being harassed by the bullies. Jun doesn't know what to do; he wants to help Sue, but he's too scared. His heart is pounding harder and louder than ever before and is about to explode … when suddenly, all other sounds are completely drowned out … and Jun's thunderous heartbeat awakens something within him… 


But it also awakens other cosmic life forces, and life is never the same again for Jun as his mom's sci-fi bedtime story of epic proportion actually becomes a reality.


I am the King is a family cosmic adventure involving coolest robots, good/bad aliens, far off galaxies ... and most of all, the hearts of all involved.

Hope for the Flowers

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A tale partly about life, partly about revolution, and lots about hope.”-- Trina Paulus“In Trina Paulus' book, Hope for the Flowers, two caterpillars get caught up in the fallacy of competition and struggle to reach the top of a caterpillars pile. By journey’s end, however, they learn that their true nature, and that of every other caterpillar is not one of winning and being at the top, but of going within and emerging as beautiful butterflies who were born to soar…” -- Deepak Chopra

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